Sonali Bank Officer Question Solution 2018

Academic Level :

Course Name : Bank Job

1 :

A triangular plot with sides of 25 feet, 40 feet, 40 feet and 55 feet is to surround by a fence built on pillars set 5 feet apart. How many pillars will be required to surround the plot?

2 :

The length of room is 1.5 times of its breadth. If the area of the room is 216 sq. meters , what is the perimeter of the room ?

3 :

A person needs to pay Tk. 500 to buy pencils and Tk. X for any additional unit of pencil . If the customer pays a total of Tk. 4,700 for 1200 pencils, what is the value of X ?

4 :

How many Valiant freedom fighters were awarded the title ‘Bir Uttam ‘ for their stellar performances in Bangladesh Liberation of 1971?

5 :

Birshrestha Nur Muhammad Sheikh is remembered most importantly for his heroic fight against the Pakistani occupation army in :

6 :

‘Sheikh Hasina Cantonment’ is located at

7 :

which one of the famous Six-point demands of hte Bengalis contained specific provision for a distinct monetary system?

8 :

A statute for the protection of the right of consumers in Bangldesh was first enacted in the year

9 :

I don’t care — your opinion .

10 :

My best friend lives ____the Chittagong Road